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Hello, my name is Mark and I've been helping out my good friend's, Michele, mom out with her home page.  She's getting up in age which hurts her ability to learn new things and memory (senility I think they call it).  But she's being a real trooper and giving it her all.
All joking aside though, Diane (my friend's mom) is really doing good with this being her first homepage and all.  She is really learning alot.  Just like anyone else that is a newbie and is attempting to make a homepage. be patient.  It's really simple after awhile and you could create a nice site knowing just a little HTML coding.  Actually, you could do alot without knowing any.  That is why Diane chose Tripod as a server for the homepage.  With "Build a Quick Page" option, anyone can build a

Here is a pic of me....Vain, aren't I.... ; - )

Aren't I cute? Handsome? Sexy? Intelligent looking?......NOT

Hope you like this page...

Hi! I am Diane, and I'm not really senile (lol).  But what I can tell you is, without Mark's patience, and I do mean he has a lot, I could never have even started this. THANK YOU MARK!!!!

And while I am expressing my gratitude, let me also thank the ever helpful LadyOh.  She also was there with all my hundreds of questions, and retrieving things for me. THANK YOU LADYOH!!!

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