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Friend's Links!

Railbird's Nest
helpful links
Mark's Sounds
Mark's Images
LadyOh's Favorite gifs and jpgs
great selection of all varieties of images
Doc-Doc's Place
the best selection of mids going
Randy's Video Game Page
All kinds of video info. - the best selection of games that I have seen
Web TV Explorers
information plus--very helpful
The Chop
if you are a Braves fan,this is the place to be
very large selection of midis
very interesting--will keep you busy
Java47's Home Page
very helpful---a beautiful site
Angel's Paradise
if you love angels,like myself and are a romantic, you'll really enjoy this site
Laura's Midi Heaven
huge selections, very enjoyable
Lisa's Love
very enjoyable
all kinds of help,plus links galore
what can I say--all kinds of links
sit down and relax,this place is great
The Bald One Of Brooklyn
a lot of music links,also web tv help---a little of everything
all kinds of gifs--real nice site
Angels On The Net
angel stories,and angel products
Free Scans
up to 5 photos scanned for free
Susan 's Homepage
cute places & things to look through
all kinds of webtv helpful information
all kinds of helpful things for webtv
cute gifs,links,backgrounds and midi's

page after page of free gifs and all kinds of useful things

a beautiful southern site

angel pictures,links,etc.---beautiful site
Couch Potato Buttons and Backgrounds
decorative buttons,guestbuttons,animated backgrounds and a large variety of other backgrounds---great selections
The Cottage
this is such a nice homepage

Annie's Place
tunes of the 50's and 60's

Angel's Love Notes & Cards

Visit Ventura's Domain
all kinds of interesting places

Patti's Place
all kinds of beautiful backgrounds

Animate Gif Finder
a nice variety of gifs 

anything you could need!

this place is fantastic!

let's build a pond!!! This site is great!!!

What a beautiful place. A very talented lady.

Dazyrose's Home Away From Home
a beautiful place to visit

This place is fantastic! It has everthing you need. A great tutorial.

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